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About Veteran Study Abroad

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) is a veteran-run program created to assist all United States military veterans with studying at overseas universities, free of charge. Our goal is to make sure veterans have a plan in place for their future, maximizing their chance of success after separation. Education is one of the best ways to transition from military life, and we hope that our services will help make this process exciting and stress-free for our veterans.

We assist veterans with all aspects of studying overseas. These services include assistance with university and visa applications, booking flights, as well as finding accommodation. Whatever you can think of in the process, we help you. We handle mostly everything for you so you don’t have to worry about speaking with universities or their admissions teams. Basically, all you have to do is call, text or email us, give us specific information, and then we handle it all for you.

Currently, we assist military veterans with studying at universities within the United Kingdom. Every country is different and has its own visa regulations. We have decided to take a focused approach on which countries we work with, starting with the United Kingdom. We will add further countries in the future. Please feel free to join our mailing list to be updated when new countries have been added: VSA Mailing List.

What is Veteran Study Abroad?

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) is a veteran-run program that assists military veterans with using their education benefits at overseas universities. Currently, we assist military veterans with studying in the United Kingdom. Some of the things we do for you include:

Finding a University

There are thousands of universities in the world, and we help you find the one most suited to you. We’ll also help with all parts of your application.

Completing Visa Applications

Visas are definitely confusing, but we help you with your application every step of the way. Our applications have never been refused.

Certifying Your Enrollment

We can assist you and your university with certifying your enrollment with the VA office. So, you don’t have to worry about your benefits being late.


Why Study Overseas With VSA?

It's Free

We will never charge you anything for our services. We try to make the process as affordable as possible for you.

Earn Your Degree Sooner

You can earn your bachelor’s degree within 3 years while studying overseas, saving you over a year of your benefits.

Earn A Master's In 4 Years

Within the United Kingdom, a master’s degree only takes 4 years. All of which will be covered by your education benefits.

Stages To Studying Overseas

Your University Application

The first stage is your university application. We understand what universities look for and we know how to make your application stand out. Once you decide on a university and a program, we will help you gather all the required information for your application. We will then handle communication between you and the university.

Student Visa Application

After your university application, we will assist you with your student visa application. Many countries have different student visa requirements, so it is important to have all the information available. We understand the process and will help you put together the application possible.

Student Visa Success Rate


Booking Your Plane Tickets

We are partnered with to help provide military veterans with affordable flights. Once you have chosen a university and received your student visa, purchase your ticket on our website to save money! Even if you don’t plan to study overseas, you can still take advantage of our cheap flights.

Overseas Accommodation

When studying overseas, it’s important to have your housing sorted quite soon. We know where to look for the best accommodation to suit your budget. We don’t want you to worry about where you’re going to live.

Student Veteran Testimonials

We’ve received some great feedback from previous student veterans.

Nigel Sandridge, USAF – Film and Television Production, MA

The Veteran Study Abroad program has been amazing. Not only was the program able to help me find a great school in England, but more

VSA Testimonial Nigel

Nicole Strauss, USAF – Animal Behavior, MSc

From applying for an overseas school program to the Student Visa entire experience with VSA was absolutely first class...I highly recommend them to more

VSA Testimonial Nicole

University Represenative?

Is your university interested in assisting veterans with our program? Please feel free to contact today.


Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve the Veteran Study Abroad program? Let us know.

Need Support?

Do you need help with your university enrollment or any other concerns? Please feel free to contact us.

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